First Time Hunting or Shooting? Trust KJI!

Hunting is in our DNA

Do you remember your first time shooting a firearm? Were you at a range? Maybe you were hunting with your parents, or a friend? If you have ever harvested a deer, pig or maybe just eliminated a coyote, you surely remember the satisfaction of that memory.

a hunter with a tripod

Hunting is an activity that highlights human cooperation and survival efforts, and it sustained our species when things like agriculture, gathering and fishing weren't sufficient or possible: during droughts, floods, harrowing blizzards and more.

Humans have been hunting for AT LEAST 1.4 million years. Back then, hunters used wooden spears to drop woolly mammoths. Nowadays, when you employ a .223 to harvest a whitetail deer, you're reconnecting with our ancient ancestors.  

hunter in a blind

However, discharging a modern firearm is quite different from throwing a spear or shooting an arrow. Guns are heavy, loud, and produce powerful recoil. But if those things ever discouraged you from hunting, you can stop worrying! 


warming up on the Kopfjäger

Advantages of Kopfjäger

When used correctly, Kopfjäger tripods and shooting rests are designed to do a few key things: 

1) Stabilize a firearm for long-distance precision

2) Reduce the stress and muscle fatigue associated with holding a rifle for an extended period of time.

3) Redistribute recoil energy

4) Give youthful, elderly or handicapped shooters greater confidence and peace-of-mind when it comes time to pull the trigger. 

First-Time Kopfjäger Testimonials

Some people have lived in large, urban cities their entire lives. They don't know the joys of open fields, wooded meadows, burbling streams and just a place generally devoid of concrete.

Some people have lived in the suburbs all their lives, close to rural localities, but not in them. They live on the periphery of the hunting world, never experiencing the true thrills and chills of hunting. They, too, need the spiritual restoration of nature.

It's safe to say that Kopfjäger makes those primitive yearnings—and precious memories—a reality in the modern world!

successful whitetail hunt

Pictured above: A boy and his dad after a successful deer harvest

According to the father, "He loved every minute of hunting. After this great experience, it's safe to say he's hooked!"

hunter with a coyote

Pictured above: A hunter with a coyote

He says, "Thanks to the Kopfjäger, I was able to take a difficult, angled shot with relative ease, something I definitely couldn't have done offhand!

huntress with her deer 

Pictured above: A first-time huntress

She stated, "This was my first time hunting, and it was one of the top 5 experiences of my life! The Kopfjäger tripod and Reaper Grip made everything super easy. I can't wait to go again."

Kopfjäger Provides Solutions 

The products delivered by Kopfjäger are about inclusion and support. If you're youthful, elderly, disabled or simply inexperienced with firearms, Kopfjäger can help. There are no more excuses to avoid the great American outdoors and our robust hunting culture.

Do you think a gun is too heavy, or unstable? Maybe you're tired, or perhaps nervous, about wielding the awesome power of a firearm? 

Never fear. Kopfjäger wants to encourage Americans to participate in ethical hunting activities and environmental conservation. Super long-distance shots—which may be necessary depending on your target animal—are made possible by the stability of Kopfjäger tripods. 

In the firearms industry, one name above all is recognized for its consistent delivery of reliable, affordable shooting rests and assistive products: Kopfjäger.

Get yours today at: 

Do you own a Kopfjäger Tripod? A Reaper Grip? The Ambush Kit? Let us know about your Kopfjäger experiences in the comments section!


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