KJI Reaper Hellbound
KJI Reaper Hellbound
KJI Reaper Hellbound

KJI Reaper Hellbound

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The Reaper Hellbound is an honest, straightforward weapon grip for the hunter who values mechanical simplicity without sacrificing KJI’s strength and recoil control. Featuring the same vice-like grip of KJI’s original Reaper, the Hellbound is both lighter and simpler to use than its counterpart. It boasts the same hardy construction and smooth pan and tilt ranges as Reaper Grip forebear, and with its hard to beat price point and ergonomic controls, this makes it an appealing tripod mount for shooters of any skill level.

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  • Reaper Hellbound Grip


  • Lightweight Construction
  • Full Tilt, Pan, Clamp Lockup
  • Smooth 360° pan and tilt range of 111° (22° up and 87° down)
  • Offset grip design allows for magazine changes with the rifle mounted and provides easy manipulation
  • Tensioning screw allows users to fine tune movement

Dimensions, mm 203 x 203 x 152
Vise width range, mm 0 - 73
Pan rotation angle 360 °
Vertical Rotation Angle 87 ° Down, 22 ° up
Mounting 3/8" - 16 Threaded Hole
Material Aluminum 6061-16 / Plastic
Weight, g 790